Monthly Archives: June 2019

Is This You?

Picture this:

You start a project.  Your team members are smart, experienced, and love information.  Together they share tons of links, and lots of messages, ideas, and documents. They love podcasts and videos,   The team thrives in today’s digital world.

You start working together.  

What tool do you use?

One team member starts with Word documents, but everyone else wants to move to Google docs.  Pretty soon, there are 50 different documents and a dozen nested folders in Google Drive.  

Someone used Quip at their last job. Or maybe Airtable would be better? And the designers keep everything in Dropbox. 

Of course you use team messaging.  People attach documents to messages, but you can never find them again.  Which channel are you working in? Who put it up? Which version? 

Some of the people on your team are prolific and they overwhelm everyone with the flow of new ideas. They create a “New-Ideas” Trello board, but most people click “All Caught Up” without reading it. One team member tries to get everyone to use Workflowy, but the team doesn’t like it.

Quick:  how is your project doing?

Where’s your most important information? What are you collaborating on right now? And where are the comments and input that you most need to see?

We are all these people.  We love information, and being productive.  We know all sorts of tools, and we use them well.  We’re great communicators and highly competent. But we all agree on one thing:

Managing information should be easier.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our tools all worked together? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one place, where everything came together seamlessly and we could just do business?

That’s why we created Memphis.