Life Has Changed

Hey! Where’s your phone?  

Because nobody in today’s world is ever without their telephone.

Our phones connect us instantly to any resource in the world: people, services, documents, movies, podcasts, messages. More information than we can imagine, right there at our fingertips.

This level of instant connectivity (raw information power!) is new territory for all of us, and we’re still figuring out how to fit it into our lives.

The consumer information sharing services that we use daily have created more than $1 trillion in market value, and revolutionized how we communicate with friends and family. We now expect —and get— connection, feedback, and discovery every time we lift our phones from the table. 

But what about our professional lives? Have you noticed that it’s actually gotten harder? Business services don’t talk with one another, and workers all over the world complain that they have to take up the slack. Things don’t just … work. And the information just keeps growing.

We’ve seen messaging move from being personal into business, with great success.  And now, workers are ready for more tools that support modern collaboration patterns in our all-digital workplace.

It’s time to bring social patterns to productivity, and to seamlessly connect content, services, and people together in an engaging, revolutionary way.

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